How To Fix A Squeaky Mattress?

It’s frustrating to try to get some shut-eye on a mattress that keeps making noise. There are a number possible solutions to the squeaking mattress, depending on the source of the noise.

What is a Squeaky Mattress?

Squeaky refers to a mattress that makes noise when you move on it. The noises could be caused by a variety of issues, including a loosely attached foam mattress topper, worn-out springs, or a frayed bed frame.

Common Causes of a Squeaky Mattress

The most common causes of squeaky mattresses are as follows:

  • A loose or damaged bed frame: The bed frame is the structure that keeps the mattress in place, thus if it’s loose or broken, the bed is useless. A noisy mattress could be the result of a bed frame that is either damaged or loose.
  • Worn-out springs: Innerspring mattresses use coils to provide support. Old springs in a mattress might make noise when you move around on it. Squeaking can also occur with a foam mattress topper if it is not properly fastened.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix a Squeaky Mattress

A squeaky mattress can’t be fixed until the cause of the noise is identified. Once the reason for the squeak is determined, you can take steps to fix it.

Identification of the Squeak’s Source

Follow these directions to figure out where that squeak is coming from:

  • Listen carefully to all of the commotion. The location of the noise can be used to pinpoint its origin. Move around a lot on the bed. If the sound shifts as you move around it can be traced back to its origin.
  • Verify that nothing is missing or broken. Make sure there aren’t any splinters or cracks in the mattress, bed frame, or mattress pad.

How To Fix A Squeaky Mattress?

Quick Fixes to Stop a Screeching Noise Coming from the Bed Frame or Slats

Once the source of the squeak is determined, you can take steps to fix it. The following are some quick fixes you can try:

If the bed frame is the source of the noise, tightening any loose screws may help. If the squeak is coming from a metal part, try lubricating it with some light oil. Finally, you can try sealing off any joints or gaps with glue and tape.

Deeper Solutions to Finally Beat the Problem Once and For All

If the quick repairs are unsuccessful in eliminating the squeak, you may have to resort to more drastic steps. For further in-depth options, consider the following:

  • It may be necessary to purchase a new bed frame if the current one is the cause of the squeaking.
  • You could try flipping your mattress to see if that helps, especially if you suspect the mattress itself is to blame for the noise.
  • The wear and strain on the mattress can then be more evenly distributed.
  • Lubrication and maintenance at regular intervals: If the squeak is originating from the foam mattress topper, you may need to clean and lubricate it on a regular basis. This will aid in keeping it in pristine shape and silence any annoying squeaks.


By implementing the aforementioned measures, you can silence your creaking mattress and get some shut-eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What if I can’t pinpoint where the noise is coming from?

If you can’t figure out what’s making the mattress squeak, you may need to have it fixed professionally. They’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong and help you fix it.

2) How much does it typically cost to fix a noisy mattress?

It can get pricey to fix a noisy mattress, depending on what’s causing the noise and how bad the damage is. Prices typically fall between $50 to $200, though.

3) How long does it typically take to fix a noisy mattress?

The time needed to fix a squeaky mattress also varies based on the cause of the noise and the level of damage. However, the average time is about two hours.

4) How can I prevent further creases in my mattress?

There are some things you can do to prevent the creaking of your mattress in the future:

It’s important to not put too much pressure on the mattress and to have the bed properly installed and adjusted.
To prolong the life of your mattress it is recommended that you rotate it regularly. Maintain the mattress topper with regular lubrication and cleaning.

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