How To Lower Crib Mattress?

The cornerstone of your baby’s sleeping space is the mattress in the crib. For your baby’s safety and comfort, it’s crucial to make sure the mattress is at the proper height.

Definition of Crib Mattress

A mattress made expressly for use in a crib is known as a crib mattress. It is often covered with a mattress pad and constructed of foam or innerspring.

An overview of the health issues raised by the height of crib mattresses

The height of a crib mattress is linked to a few health issues. In addition to making it difficult for parents to lower their infant into the crib, a mattress that is too high might raise the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Too-low mattresses can also pose a safety risk because they make it simpler for infants to roll out of their cribs.

What is Considered an Ideal Height for a Crib Mattress?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the mattress should be positioned with a 2 to 3-inch space between it and the top of the crib rails. Babies will be less likely to roll over and have their heads caught between the mattress and the rails thanks to this.

Signs that the mattress in your baby’s crib is too high

There are a few indicators to watch out for if you think the mattress in your baby’s crib is too high:

  • Your baby is tough to get into the cot.
  • Your infant can’t use their arms and legs to lift itself out of a laying posture.
  • When your infant is resting down, their head is below the mattress’ level.

How To Lower Crib Mattress

Ways to Lower Your Crib Mattress Safely

Several techniques exist for safely lowering your crib mattress:

  • Bedrails that can be adjusted on the crib frame
  • Adjustable bed rails are a common feature of cribs. This method of lowering your crib mattress is the safest one. Just raise or lower the rails to the proper height.
  • Along the sides of the bed frame, fold cardboard sheets or furniture pads.
  • If your crib lacks adjustable bed rails, you can lower the mattress using furniture pads or cardboard sheets folded in half. Simply lay the sheets or pads at the proper height under the mattress.
  • Using Foam Storage Boxes to Provide Your Baby with the Correct Height and Support Foam storage boxes can also be used to squat the mattress. Simply arrange the boxes at the proper height underneath the mattress.


These pointers can help you lower your baby’s crib mattress securely while still providing a secure and cozy sleeping environment.


1. How often should I lower the mattress in my baby’s crib?

Depending on how quickly your child grows, you may need to regularly lower the mattress in the crib. You might need to lower the mattress every few months as your baby grows.

2. What are some other safety tips for using a crib mattress?

Additional safety advice about using a crib mattress is provided here:

  • Use a fitted crib sheet at all times.
  • Avoid placing cushions or bumpers in the crib.
  • Never put your baby’s toys, blankets, or plush animals in the crib with them.
  • Ensure that the crib is placed safely, away from any furniture or other anything that might be dangerous.

3. What should I do if the mattress in my baby’s crib is too low?

You can use furniture pads or folded cardboard sheets to raise the mattress of your baby’s crib if it is too low. Additionally, you can buy crib mattress risers, which are made to boost the mattress height.

4. What symptoms indicate SIDS?

The infant is discovered unresponsive is one of the symptoms of SIDS.

  • The baby is not breathing at all.
  • The baby doesn’t have a pulse.
  • Make a 911 call as soon as you notice any of these indicators.

5. What stores sell infant mattresses?

Most department stores, baby shops, and online vendors sell crib mattresses.

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