How To Store Mattress In Garage?

Due to their substantial size and considerable cost, it is imperative to keep mattresses in a safe facility during periods of non-use. Storing a mattress in the garage can offer convenience, provided that appropriate measures are taken to mitigate potential damage.

What is Mattress Storage?

When a mattress is not in use, it should be stored in a location that is clean, dry, and devoid of light. This task can be completed in several locations, such as the garage, a drawer, or a closet.

Benefits of Proper Mattress Storage

Maintaining the optimal condition of your mattress during storage will significantly extend its lifespan. Furthermore, it can assist in mitigating the build-up of allergenic substances on the mattress, including dust mites and mildew.

Steps for Preparing the Garage for Mattress Storage

Prior to relocating your mattress to the garage, it is advisable to meticulously clean the designated space. This encompasses:

  • The process of cleaning and deodorizing the garage area: Once the removal of dirt from the garage floor has been completed, it is recommended to cleanse the surface using a light detergent. In addition, the utilization of a deodorizer may be employed in the event that there are any malodorous scents present.
  • Determining the optimal placement for the bed: Locate a suitably cool, dry, and isolated area inside the confines of the garage. It is recommended that the mattress be stored in a location that is cool and dry.
  • Implementing protective: Implementing protective measures to ensure the safety of the bed. It is advisable to place a tarp or any other impermeable covering on the floor beneath the mattress. This measure will effectively inhibit the infiltration of dirt and dust particles into the mattress.

How To Store Mattress In Garage?

Ways to Store a Mattress in the Garage

There exist several alternatives for relocating a mattress to the garage. Several often-used approaches include:

  • The most straightforward approach for extended storage is the utilization of standard mattress covering. To enclose the bed, it is recommended to utilize a mattress cover or a moving blanket. An alternative option entails the use of a tarpaulin or a comparable protective covering.
  • The utilization of cardboard as a wrapping material exhibits a somewhat higher level of security compared to the conventional wrapping technique. It is advisable to use a moving blanket or a mattress cover on top of the bed prior to proceeding with the moving process. The subsequent procedure involves placing the mattress onto a cardboard surface and afterward affixing it securely using adhesive tape.
  • The most secure method of storing a mattress is by utilizing vacuum-sealing techniques. The initial step involves enveloping the mattress within the bag and subsequently subjecting it to vacuuming. This process will effectively expel any confined air and restore the mattress to its initial form.


Adhering to these prescribed principles can facilitate the elongation of your mattress’s lifespan throughout its storage within the confines of a garage. It is imperative to thoroughly evaluate one’s requirements and available resources prior to making a strategic decision.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How long can I Store a Mattress in the Garage?

The duration for which a mattress can be stored in a garage is contingent upon the specific type of mattress as well as the prevailing climatic conditions within the garage. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that a significant proportion of mattresses can be safely stored for a duration of up to one year without encountering any notable issues.

2. What should I do if my Mattress gets wet in the Garage?

In the event that a mattress becomes damp or wet within a garage setting, it is imperative to promptly initiate the drying process. In order to accomplish this task, it is recommended to position the mattress within a suitably ventilated environment and activate a fan within the vicinity. In the event that the mattress has become completely saturated, it is advisable to consider engaging the services of a professional cleaner.

3. What should I do if my Garage Mattress Begins to Smell?

In the event that an odor emanates from your mattress within the confines of a garage, it is advisable to conduct a thorough investigation into the underlying cause of the olfactory disturbance and thereafter implement appropriate measures to mitigate and eradicate the unpleasant scent. The presence of a musty odor may be attributed to the growth of mold, mildew, or the accumulation of dust mites. The stench can be eliminated by many methods, such as cleansing the mattress, applying deodorizing agents to the garage, or employing a cover for the mattress.

4. How can I best Safeguard my Mattress in the Garage against Harm?

Properly storing a mattress is an effective method to prevent damage during its storage in a garage. It is advisable to employ a mattress protector, ventilate and sanitize the garage area, and store the mattress in a cool and dimly lit location.

5. Where can I buy a Mattress Protector?

Mattress covers are readily available for purchase from a variety of vendors, encompassing bargain stores, hardware stores, and online shops. If one were to analyze the content of this essay, it could be deemed successful. If there are any other inquiries, kindly inform me.

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